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Traube Research Group

Welcome to the Traube Research Group!

We are interested in how epigenetic information is regulated during development and disease. To study these processes, we are pursuing an interdisciplinary approach with methods from molecular cell biology, biochemistry, chemical biology, analytical chemistry and computational biology. Being located at the High-Tech Campus Großhadern of the LMU Munich at the newly opened Institute for Chemical Epigenetics (ICE-M), we have access to state of the art mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, sequencing and imaging facilities. Although the group has only been established since the fall of 2021, we are already well embedded in several cross-university and interdisciplinary research programs and we were already successful to acquire independent funding. We also maintain strong links with the Chemistry Department of the Technical University of Munich, the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry and the University Hospital of the LMU (Klinikum Großhadern).

For more details about our research projects, please check out our Research subpage.


Our study with the Carell group about a stabilized carbocyclic decitabine analogue as an epigenetic anti-cancer treatment is published in Chemistry - A European Journal.


Our preprint "Comprehensive comparison between azacytidine and decitabine treatment in an acute myeloid leukemia cell line" is now online at bioRxiv.


Franziska received a fellowship from the Daimler and Benz Foundation for the project "Mechanistic insights into the mode of action of azanucleosides as anti-cancer treatment".